2nd Coordination Meeting

Between 16 and 17 of April 2013 took place the second coordination meeting of the RAISE4 e-Inclusion project, in Barcelona (Spain), the meeting being hosted by FundacióEsplai and having the participation of all the project partners: INFREP (France), ARCI (Italy), Fundación Esplai (Spain), ACDC (Romania), FDEP (Switzerland), AID (Belgium).

During this meeting, the coordinator and partners gave feedback to the activities achieved so far with the support of the Evaluation partner; the Partners launched the Moodle platforms and shared first steps to start with the platforms; INFREP shared the transculturation methodology and organization, and the Partners practiced it during a workshop; ARCI shared the work plan for the preparation of the pilot, and then for the development of the experimentation and monitoring; ACDC shared the work plan and a set of tools for the communication about the pilot; AID shared the analysis of the evaluation questionnaire results and partners have individually been interviewed about the project._DSC_0503

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