About the project

Born from the successful and innovative experience and results of the project VET4e-Inclusion, the “RAISE” project aims at continuing and developing efforts in suturing the digital gap in Europe, and to provide facilitators of social inclusion with adapted training resources to improve their accompaniment of persons excluded from access to ICT.

The project Reinforcing the Attractiveness, Impact and Skills of e-facilitators for e-Inclusion will implement its activities over a period of two years (2012-2014) in the framework of the programme LLP Leonardo da Vinci Multilateral Projects „Transfer of Innovation” and has the reference number 2012-1-FR1-LEO05-34330.

The objectives of the project refer to developing the competences of e-facilitators through specific e-training programs. The coordinator of the project is Institut National de Formation et de Recherche sur l’Education Permanente from France, Associazione Recreativa e Culturale Italiana (Italy), Fundación Esplai (Spain), Association of Community Development Consultants-ACDC from Romania, Foundation pour le Développement de l’Education Permanente (Switzerland), Actions Intégrées de Développement asbl (Belgium).

The project intends to adapt the methodologies, results and products developed under the VET4e-Inclusion project and it notably focuses on adapting online learning modules developed for e-facilitators for social inclusion.

Thus the transfer project aims at:

  • developing 2 new learning modules in Italy and France
  • transferring the VET4e-I methodologies, results and products to new 2 countries: Switzerland and Romania, and to develop there 2 learning modules
  • multiplying the number of beneficiaries (e-facilitators) of the results and products
  • developing a model of sustainability for the results and products in each country participating in the transfer.