About the project

The project Reinforcing the Attractiveness, Impact and Skills of e-facilitators for e-Inclusion will implement its activities over a period of two years (2012-2014) in the framework of the programme LLP Leonardo da Vinci Multilateral Projects „Transfer of Innovation” and has the reference number 2012-1-FR1-LEO05-34330. The objectives of the project refer to developing the competences of e-facilitators through specific e-training programs. For more information about the RAISE4 e-Inclusion project, please visit our website: www.raise4einclusion.eu

Partners in the project

INFREP – “National institute for training and research on continuing education” – was founded in 1982 and employs around 250 permanent workers and 150 consultants, and is actually working in 30 regional centers all over France. www.infrep.org

FDEP – Fondation pour le développement de l’éducation permanente is a Swiss foundation of public utility, recognized as such by the Geneva government. Its main objective is to promote quality training for adults who have no or few basic competences. http://fdep.ch

ACDC Romania – ACDC Romania is a professional association, which main mission is to promote social inclusion through modern technology, offering consulting services to vulnerable members of the community such as disadvantaged rural areas groups and marginalized groups (people with disabilities, minorities such as the Roma, and others). www.acdcromania.ro

Fundación Esplai is a non-profit organization, internationally renowned, particularly in Europe and Latin America, whose mission is to educate children and youth, strengthening the leisure organizations and the third sector, improving the environment and promoting social inclusion and citizenship through ICT in order to reduce social exclusion and the digital divide. www.fundacionesplai.org

ARCI is a civic and independent association that promotes active citizenship at local level through leisure, training and cultural activities, social action and international solidarity. http://www.arci.it/

AID – For “Actions Intégrées de Développement” (Integrated Development Actions) is a federation regrouping initiatives of social or professional insertion which are articulated around training and/or employment. www.aid-com.be

The development of our project

  • The first meeting of partners took place between 30 and 31 October 2012 in Paris (France), where we introduced ourselves and the organizations that we represent and discussed about the activities and products that we have to develop during this project.
  • The National Referents training took place between 29 and 30 of January 2013 in Barcelona, Spain. The training session was organized by Fundacion Esplai and the participants were taught how to create and administrate a Moodle platform, a very useful tool for e-learning.

Research for selecting the learning modules

RAISE4e-Inclusion is a Transfer of Innovation project which intends to adapt the methodologies, results and products developed under the VET4e-Inclusion project. It notably focuses on adapting online learning modules developed for e-facilitators for social inclusion. RAISE4e-I project plans that partners participating in the transfer (ARCI, INFREP, FDEP, and ACDC Romania) choose respectively 2 modules out of 10 available. These 2 modules per partner will then be transferred into partners’ national contexts. For partners ACDC (Romania) and FDEP (Switzerland), towards which learning modules are transferred, an initial collection of target group’s needs of learning modules haven’t been done yet. The two partners will collect the learning needs of their target groups in order to choose the 2 modules which will match the most with their learning expectations. More information about Moodle platform: http://moodle.org/

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