The third coordination meeting of RAISE4e-Inclusion partners

In the period 3-4 October 2013 took place the third management meeting of the RAISE4e-Inclusion project, in Rome (Italy), being organized by ARCI. The objectives targeted by the meeting were: getting ready for the pilot training, preparing the Interim Report and the Interim Evaluation, anticipating the work of selection of best practices. The partners present in the meeting were FDEP (Switzerland), ARCI (Italy), INFREP (France), Fundación Esplai (Spain) and ACDC (Romania).

Participation of INFREP and FUNDACIÓN ESPLAI at the Telecentre Europe Summit in Malta (24-25 October 2013)

Coordinator INFREP (France) and the Spanish partner Fundación Esplai participated in the Telecentre Europe summit organized in Malta on 24th-25th October 2013. At this occasion, the partners presented the projects VET4e-Inclusion and RAISE4e-Inclusion and could exchange with many participants present there. More information on the websites: and

Pilot phase finished, what a great success!

The partners participating in the Transfer (ACDC from Romania, ARCI from Italy, FDEP from Switzerland and INFREP from France) just finished with the pilot phase of the RAISE4e-Inclusion project, which was developed in the period 21 October – 30 November 2013. The free online training for e-facilitators was a big success, the number of e-facilitators participating in the training being: 78 in Romania, 59 in France, 70 in Italy and 60 in Switzerland.

Completely asynchronous and facilitated at distance by professional tutors all along the training time, the courses were free of charge and opened to e-facilitators and professionals facilitating ICT use.

What will happen next year in the RAISE4e-Inclusion project?

Starting from January 2014, we will start with the implementation of a European „call for proposals” for identifying good practices of e-facilitators for social inclusion, which will be presented at the Best practices workshop which will take place in Bucharest (Romania). The 10 transferable best practices will be translated by all the partners and published in a book, which will highlight concrete solutions for reducing the digital divide, notably by presenting different social environments, publics, challenges and innovative solutions to tackle the issues.

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