The fifth coordination meeting of RAISE4e-Inclusion project

On 26 June 2014 took place the fifth management meeting of the RAISE4e-Inclusion project, in Bucharest (Romania), being organized by ACDC. The objectives targeted by the meeting were: discussing about the activities achieved so far in the project by work package, the sustainability of the project, the evaluation and the final reporting. The partners present in the meeting were FDEP (Switzerland), ARCI (Italy), INFREP (France), Fundación Esplai (Spain) and ACDC (Romania).

Final Workshop

On 26-27 June 2014, in order to valorise the exchanges of good practices between e-facilitators in Europe and build visibility to the e-facilitator profession, the project has organized a flagship-event, the final Workshop, celebrating professional development of the e-facilitators by diffusing 10 best practices of e-facilitators for social inclusion, which had been gathered in the partners’ countries.
The participants at the event were representatives of INFREP (France), FDEP (Switzerland), ARCI (Italy), Fundación Esplai (Spain), AID (Belgium) and ACDC Romania. Also, at this event had the opportunity to participate the tutors of the pilot trainings and the winners of the best practices of social inclusion, as well as local stakeholders and journalists. The objectives of the workshop focused on:

    celebrate the professional development of the e-facilitators and promote the exchanges in between e-facilitators of different part of Europe
  • Sharing 10 best practices of e-facilitators for social inclusion that highlighted concrete solutions for reducing the digital gaps
  • Presenting the Booklet of the 10 transferable best practices of e-facilitators for social inclusion in Europe

The Booklet of Best Practices of E-facilitators for Social Inclusion in Europe

The Booklet is a publication which represents one of the key results of the RAISE4e-Inclusion project and highlights concrete solutions for reducing the digital gaps, notably by presenting different social environments, publics, challenges and innovative solutions to tackle the issue.
For each country, one expert presents the national situation about the digital divide: infrastructure and access to ICT, appropriation of ICTs and their use in daily life, national and local policies, some statistical data, issues, factors facilitating access to ICT and prospects for action. 2 practices are there presented per country (France, Italy, Romania, Spain and Switzerland), highlighting commitment of e-facilitators towards disadvantaged target groups, through the transmission of e-skills and the social accompaniment.

The Booklet can be accessed on the project’s website, following this link:

You will also find the Booklet in French, Romanian, Spanish and Italian versions on the links hereunder:

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